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Lou Riekert’s Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex

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We are Sonex builders. This implies a bit of zealousness, as with most Sonex folk. One has to be a bit passionate about flying to spend tens of thousands of dollars and several years of spare time to have and fly you own airplane. Add to this mix the great performance of a Sonex, Waiex, Xenos, or Onex, and well, the grin gets downright silly. Mike and Robert are about as silly as Sonex folk come.

Mike Singleton has been with the GSSG from the start. Most of you know him well. Mike has flown more Sonex than anyone in Texas, and many of us got our first ride in a Sonex from him. He has built (from plans) N148MS, he test flew it 6/12/2005. Always willing to help with any Sonex related stuff, he has become a valuable Sonex information resource. Mike also serves as a Flight and Technical Counselor for the EAA.

Robert Barber got hooked in 2004 after visiting Mike and taking a ride in Larry Perryman's Sonex. His wallet fell out when the Sonex turned crosswind, and has leaked ever since. He has attended every GSSG since 2004. Also a plans builder, Robert first flew N157SX 3/29/2009. Also eager to assist, Robert hopes to help with your Sonex project any way he can. Robert serves as a Technical Counselor for the EAA.

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