Great Southern Sonex Gathering

Sonex Fun in the Heart of Texas.

Planned Events


The Ladies of Critters Lodge cook an amazing breakfast. You don't want to miss it. Usually around 8:00 AM


Lunch will be available from the Criiters Lodge bunch. Don't miss it! Expect around 12:00 or so.

Door Prizes

Door prize drawings will be held after lunch, expected around 1:00 PM

Sonex Flight Discussion


A loose discussion on Sonex flight characteristics will be given. Time to be determined during the day, but will most likely be just after lunch.



Have somethiing to present? Something you would like to see? Let us know so we can get things set up.

Sonex Rides


Sonex Rides as weather and pilot fatigue permits.

Non Sonex attractions

Hard to believe, but some of our spouses would rather do something else! Local attractions in Crockett can be found here:, and for Centerville: Hotels can be found in both towns for those who chose not to camp out with the Sonex group.


Come and learn about the Sonex line of Aircraft. Rest assured, if you have a Sonex, you love talking about it! And if you have built a Sonex, please come and provide answers to those who are still building.



Mike Singleton’s Jab 3300 Powered Sonex N148MS