Great Southern Sonex Gathering

Sonex Fun in the Heart of Texas.

Bob Carson’s beautifully done Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex at the 2010 GSSG.


The 11th Annual Great Southern Sonex Gathering will be held on November 2nd, 2013 at Coulter Field in Bryan, Texas.

This event has been growing each year and is a great opportunity to see and touch the aircraft (with owner's permission of course), talk with the builders and pilots, sit in the planes to see how you fit, and have a good time visiting with some wonderful people. Begun 11 years ago by Mike Singleton, Ray Coker,  and Larry Perryman, the Great Southern Sonex Gathering has grown every year and recruited many Sonex builders/fliers.

In 2009, Mike Singleton decided to move the GSSG to Coulter Airfield, where it remains today. In 2010, EAA Chapter 1531 formed at Coulter field, and the following year, the GSSG was an officially sanctioned EAA Event.

Last year was severely depressed due to the weather. In the morning, even though the weather was great at Coulter Airfield, it was terrible everywhere else. It was not until late morning that other aircraft began to show up. Shortly afterwards, the increasing clouds evolved into thunderstorms of considerable strength! Several left their aircraft were left at the field until the following day. Nonetheless, all attendees had great Sonex Fun!

This year, we will have to make better offerings to the weather gods. If you have any suggestions, let us know

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